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About me

Anatoly Tubin was born and grew up in Tula, Russia.
He graduated from Tula State Pedagogical University with B.A degree in teaching chemistry and biology.
After that he was studying and training in the US.
He graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with MBA degree.
At the same time he was studying the methods for teaching English as a Second Language program.

Later he was working in Israel as an analyst and marketing manager in the area of promoting local start-up companies on international markets.

Anatoly developed his own system for teaching English as a Second Language for native Russian and Hebrew speakers. He has been successfully teaching this system for 6 years. You can find out more about this system of teaching at

Anatoly started studying seriously spiritual knowledge in his student years.
He studied psychology, various religions, Reiki alternative system of treatment.

Anatoly has been studying intensively Vedic Astrology and Indian philosophy over the last four years.
He completed the program at American Institute of Vedic Studies headed by profound teacher of Vedic astrology and Ayurveda Dr. David Frawley in 2006.
In 2007 Anatoly graduated with a professional degree from Israeli Center of Vedic Knowledge headed by Rami Bleckt, well known Russian speaking astrologer and psychologist. Rami was the first teacher, who fostered love for Vedic astrology.

In 2008 Anatoly successfully passed the exams and received Level 1 degree from American College of Vedic Astrology. This highly respected institution is the biggest for studying Vedic astrology outside of India.
Currently he continues studying with Ernst Wilhelm, a famous scholar and teacher of Vedic Astrology.

Since 2007 Anatoly has been giving consultations for people and teaching basic courses of Vedic astrology.
In 2008 he completed the initial program of studying homeopathy at British Institute of Homeopathy.
In future he is planning to continue consulting people as an astrologer and homeopath.


Anatoly wrote and published his book УSmile and it will be light around!Ф in Russian language with humor stories and poems.
In 2007 he helped his teacher Rami Bleckt to start publishing a magazine УThanksgiving with loveФ in Russian language (website of the magazine Ц . The magazine is being distributed in several countries, including Israel, Russia, Canada, USA, Germany. Anatoly is a member of the editorial board and one of the authors in this magazine.
Anatoly has organized various humor training workshops.


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